Priority Issues and Actions

Priority Issues and Actions

One of Dietitians of Nigeria’s key priorities is to ensure that dietitians have opportunities to shape food and nutrition environments and influence key decision makers.  

This is achieved through government and stakeholder engagement and the advocacy activities of committees and dedicated member volunteers. Together, we  work to make an impact on:

  • Increasing coverage for dietitian services in employee benefit plans.
  • Increasing access to dietitians in the health system, namely home care, primary care, long term care and mental health.
  • Policies that improve healthy eating for Nigerians and support the sustainability of the food system. 
  • Policies that impact household food insecurity.

Learn more about how Institute for Dietetics in Nigeria is taking action on each priority by using the menu items on the right.


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Dietitian Book

This book presents the history of the co-existence of Dietitians as a family with affection among members in Nigeria until 2009 when a division was embarked on, by a breakaway group and it also present the achievements of the Institute [IDN] to date.

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